Intelliroute GPS Truck Navigator

Looking for the best GPS navigator you can install in your truck? You already found the perfect one and that is Intelliroute GPS Truck Navigator! This GPS truck navigator is the fourth generation from Intelliroute. The device is designed from inside and out and is integrated with a much faster processor along with a new user-interface. It makes planning ahead of your trip easier with the nice and cool features it is designed with. The features are developed for your convenience and enable the most efficient trucking solutions for you. One of the functions it can do is to give you an estimate of toll costs and provide advance lane guidance.

Your Trucking Solutions

With a much faster processor to take advantage of, you will be able calculate and determine the quicker route and even compare these routes. Its new user interface is available in two options, which are the Carbon and Ice. These new interfaces are designed in such a way that it will perfectly compliment the new color schemes the map is designed with. It also features an improved color-coded area and road shields while showing parks, military bases, shopping centers and more.

Intelliroute GPS Truck Navigator also offers the commercial bus-routing option. It is compatible with any Rand McNally electronic logging solutions. Most of all, it has a 7-inch screen that allows you to view more details on the map. Among the other basic, yet helpful functions it has is that it allows you to set warnings for sharp curves and hills for a much safer ride. For the most convenient function of all, it comes with Wi-Fi connected services allowing you to check traffic in the route you are going to, fuel prices, weather and more.

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